Murals 2

The American Express Mural Cycles by Craig McPherson

From 1985 to 1992, Craig McPherson spent seven years working on two monumental mural projects commissioned by the American Express Company for their corporate headquarters at the World Financial Center (WFC) in Manhattan. These included Twilight: The Waterways and Bridges of Manhattan, a 90-foot mural cycle for the auditorium, painted in 1985-86, and Harbors of the World, a 318-foot cycle for the main lobby, completed over the next five years, 1987-92.

Independent curator and art historian, John Arthur, contributed these comments on the mural cycle after it was unveiled.

"For sheer bravura, sublime appropriateness, and true monumentality, Craig McPherson’s Harbors of the World must rank as one of the greatest contemporary achievements in public art."

Twilight: The Waterways and Bridges of Manhattan

The first mural cycle is composed of four paintings titled, Twilight: The Waterways and Bridges of Manhattan. The paintings include views of the Hudson River, Harlem River, East River and harbor. A chromatic scale transitioning across all four paintings, from...
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